Announcing key support from Cordial

CORDIAL GmbH is supporting MapJam's "Save Our Sound" project.

CORDIAL GmbH have been so generous as to supply the entire signal cabling requirements for sound reinforcement, instrument, DJ, and microphone signal hookups for our bicycle transported sound system project.

The cables will be used as the signal paths between the myriad of instruments MapJam artists will perform with and the prototype portable sound-system we are developing.

Cordial was most generous as to supply us with a range of their high-end SNOW series cables; CRL speaker cables; and bulk snake cable.

We asked Cordial for their support because we do not want to make any compromises with sound. We need the highest quality signal routing with the most rugged containment. From my experience, I have yet to encounter a better set of line level signal connections in terms of signal transparency and sheer ruggedness of housing.

I am immensely satisfied that artists performing with MapJam are going to be discovering the benefits of using Cordial's connections.

Our specs:
1.No noise or loss of signal - sometimes noise is worse!
2. absolute highest available signal clarity - we are working with instruments that are not usually mic'd or amplified.
3. >= 20ft for the mic & instrument signals - we need at least this much space on stages where there are an average of 8 performers.
4. Rugged signal connections for connections to digital music sources - these always seem to be the first things to fail in the signal chain!
5. >= 20 m Rugged loudspeaker connections

It was clear that Cordial could cover all these specs and more - For instance We asked for a for the awesome CXI RP SILENT instrument cable that prevents unwanted short circuits caused by unplugging.

We tested out the 20 meter CXI 9PP 1/4" instrument cable in a live monitor mix recording session. The signal was the clearest we have heard using our guitar.
we'd mic'd the amplifier in another room and had the session guitarist perform in the control room listening to the guitar signal through the monitors. We captured a wonderful warm sound reverberation from the room. This is because we could turn the amp up loud and keep the mic about a foot away from the amp without having to worry about bleed from the rest of the track.

The cable is being stored at the Realm of Mist Studio whilst the development of the prototype goes on. The Realm of Mist will be supporting MapJam's initiative by providing the space and equipment for the production of content for the "Save Our Sound" campaign. This will likely include the production of a compilation album in support of the campaign.

If you are interested in being a part of this campaign you can contact me: harvey[at]