Help us design Africa's future sound system


A modular, portable, powerful and high-fidelity sound reinforcement system that can be transported in it's maximum modular configuration by a maximum of 2 bicycle powered vehicles (i.e. bicycle trailers) and powered off-grid by an inverter or a generator.

The system needs to be capable of adequately providing amplification for:

2 guitars, 1 bass,
1 keyboard,
3 vocals,
A drumkit and additional percussion
2 additional string or wind instruments

We require all cabling for the system and are looking for a full set of instruments to complement each system.

You can read more about the specs here at

Concept: This is the band 12 Volt and their innovative bicycle drawn bass amplifier in Mauer Park, Berlin, Germany.

Innovative bicycle drawn bass amplifier, Mauer Park, April 2016

MapJam, with the help of performing artists, is making it super easy and affordable for anyone in Kenya to book performing artists, beverages & sound to be delivered to them as a package anywhere on the map.

We are opening up automated marketplace for the private booking of performing art. Our primary goal is to establish a solid revenue stream for artists so they can make a reasonable living. To do this we are completely changing the way live music is performed in this Kenya. We must assure the artists and their audiences that there are no compromises in the quality of sound in these performances.

Our goal at MapJam is to help ~ 100,000 artists earn a regular income from our platform. In order to achieve this we have to enable thousands of musicians to overcome restrictions of limited performance spaces and exorbitant cost of renting equipment. MapJam will provide them with complete sound reinforcement systems and instruments in order that they can perform anywhere, anytime at extremely competitive rates.

We want to enable millions of people to become patrons of the arts by making it affordable to rent top quality sound systems.

We are looking for partners who can supply us with portable systems that are somewhat foolproof and hi-fidelity in their output. They also must be modular.

Please contact me harvey[at] if your company is interested in being part of this story.

The alternative is to manufacture the sound systems locally, importing what we cannot build in Kenya. Could we build crossovers? Probably. Transducers? Not so sure.
Personally I have been working with local "Jua-kali" manufacturers for the past 5 years to source the speakers I use for my sound-reinforcement needs.

I have been working with one man, Kristech Digital, in particular. Kris builds speakers for churches and public service vehicles ("matatus")that pack serious bass whilst providing for the mobility requirements of each application. Kris makes the design, and sources the electronic components and the speakers. Each speaker includes a passive crossover. He passes the design to carpenters who manufacture the cabinets. Kris builds amplifiers using e-waste. Pictured below is a angular compact cabinet double 12" woofer full range he custom built for us.

If we could source quality components (i.e. good passive crossovers) we could manufacture modular hi-fi systems. This comes down to a question of time in terms of building a prototype in Kenya capable of being shifted around by bicycle on a daily basis. It all comes down to sourcing quality components, especially if we consider an integrated power solution and building our own amplifiers.

In summary we are putting out a general request for assistance. We are looking for technical designs, companies who can supply us with the quality components we need and advice from people who have developed portable/mobile sound systems.

Once again that email is harvey[at]