MapJam's appeal to Breweries.

Dear EABL,
Keroche Breweries Ltd.,
The Big Five Breweries Ltd.
Alefit distributors Ltd.,

I want to shoot an idea by you as quickly as possible: My website,, is aiming to be the air b'n'b for parties. With the help of performing artists we are making it easy and affordable for anyone to order a 'party in a box' - complete with beverages and a performing artist/DJ.

We are opening up access to the private event market in a massive way and we are looking for a brewery partner to supply beer as part of the package. Do you think this is something you could handle logistically in terms of delivery?

There is a massive social impact to what we do too, because we are getting performing artists jobs in an environment where 4 in 5 cannot get more than 1 paying gig every 6 months ( you can read more about this here. I would really like to talk to you, or anyone else working with you at your brewery about what we are trying to achieve and how we could radically increase direct sales for you.


Harvey Herr

please feel free to get in touch harvey[at]

P.s. - I would love your brewery to be a part of this powerful vision to get our performing artists of this nation earning a respectable income. We would like you to contribute upwards of $20,000 to our campaign to support the livelihood of the performing artists of this nation. If you are interested please read my proposal below:


1 - Use an existing popular venue space in Nairobi to showcase talent and shoot videos for artists to support their livelihoods by making them attractive to be hired for performances. We are looking for a corporate sponsor who is willing to support the livelihood of performing artists and be recognized for their patronage.

We need to produce a live video for each artist on MapJam. Can you sponsor the production of our videos?

2 - MapJam is a beer delivery app that supports the livelihood of performing artists. What we can achieve working together:

a. Promote the idea of ordering beer online.
b. Promote responsible consumption of alcohol.
c. Improve the livelihoods of performing artists of this nation
d. Build a foundation for robust cultural appreciation for the arts.

3 - Required analysis: can beer delivery to parties work (Considering payment in advance, precise location of delivery and tracking through

4 - In Sum, What we can do for you:
1. Develop an app for home beer delivery.
2. Radically increase direct sales over 5 year period.
3. Collect demographics on sales.