Why should you book your next party with MapJam?

I cannot emphasize thoroughly enough the importance of what MapJam is trying to do for the music industry in Kenya.

With the help of performing artists MapJam makes it easy for anyone to order a party in a box complete with Beer.

Although this sounds completely frivolous it has serious implications for those trying to make a living in the arts sector of the Kenyan economy.


MapJam wants to change the paradigm to see performing artists earn a living from their talent. MapJam wants to change the paradigm of delayed and fractured payment to a new norm of being paid for their services rendered as they are rendered.

Most artists face situations whereby they have no guarantee or indication of their remuneration for their services rendered, and unfortunately, even for their IP bought and sold (a story to be revealed at a later time). In an industry fraught with mistrust MapJam (http://book.mapjam.co.ke) establishes a mechanism of trust. Using MapJam protects both sides of the bargain, for the event organizer (let's refer to them as Patrons please!) and the artist - holding the fees in escrow as a guarantee.

We aren’t pegging these paradigm shifts as goals in themselves. We want to exponentially increase the opportunities for performing artists across the country by making it simple and affordable for anyone organizing a party or event to include their favourite DJ or artist with the utmost confidence.


It gets better. Your favourite artist is only going to sound as good as the system they are using. That is why MapJam is reaching out to companies all over the world to overcome the barrier of expensive, mediocre sound that every performing artist in Kenya faces. With the help of companies like Native Instruments and Beyerdynamic, MapJam is making it easier for performing artists to make and perform more of their own music in more places - and we are making absolutely no compromise on sound quality. With MapJam (http://book.mapjam.co.ke), you get the best sound in the world for your gig guaranteed.


Bringing in an artist to your party should be a pleasant experience that will encourage a relationship of patronage between the artist and you and the artist and your friends. Booking an artist should not add anything to your logistical burden. That is why MapJam gives you, the patron, full active control of your event, where all expectations are defined in plain terms and where you can edit these details at any time. When you book a gig on MapJam (http://book.mapjam.co.ke) everyone knows where to be when, and if something goes wrong you get your money back.


Wouldn't it be great if you could celebrate your event anywhere you wanted...and have beer delivered as part of the package? Go ahead and dream - pick any point on the map. MapJam (http://book.mapjam.co.ke) is a party in a box package delivered to you wherever you are in Kenya. Having a wedding in the bush? No problem - The band, the sound and the beer will be there waiting for you.


Think about it in another way - Your favorite artist(es) or DJ...you probably are aware of the next time they will perform...You and your friends could all pay to go see them in a club, but did you think that it is actually far cheaper to have them perform privately and have even more of your friends come to enjoy the music?
When you book your next party through MapJam (http://book.mapjam.co.ke) you not only support the development of artistic talent, you also get the most awesome sound system and you get beer delivered to your party.