Performing artists: how to get booked and get gigs

We have created 2 short video tutorials explaining how to register on MapJam and how to set yourself or your act/band up to be booked and gigs on our platform.

Currently you can sign up using your Facebook profile or by registering using an email account. Once you have registered for an artist account and you have verified your email address you can then open and edit your artist profile. If you are comfortable with your profile and ready to be booked you can set yourself as available to be booked by clicking "yes" - this opens a section where you can then set your terms:

Hourly Rate - the amount in Ksh /- you want to earn per hour

Maximum Time - the MAXIMUM amount of time in minutes you are willing to perform per gig or per day.

An extremely handy thing to do is then to use your unique URL (i.e.) ( in your other social media profiles, for instance your Facebook artist page. You can use the URL in your Facebook page's "call to action" button to link people directly to your automated booking service on MapJam (