Disruption X Design Nairobi 2015

MapJam is designed to disrupt the arts and entertainment industry. We were recently recognized for such efforts by DXD Nairobi 2015

To choose entertainment for a private function most people have to settle for who they know, i.e. the local DJ, and can never imagine being able to choose from a selection of artists who could be contracted to perform for them.

MapJam solves the problem of how to find an artist, and establish the terms you are comfortable with. Anyone can use the internet to book performing artists and beer*, AND see it delivered to them across Kenya. The purpose of MapJam is to create a stable platform for performing artists to make a living from their performing their art.

Because hosting events is beyond the means of most Kenyans (not economical and too time consuming to organize effectively), artists are not patronized. This is where MapJam.co.ke steps in to disrupt - bringing to you the fantastic world of live art, live music and REAL culture - and enough beer for the party to keep spirits high.

MapJam is doing this by making it affordable, convenient and assured to book a band/artist/dj + sound system + beer.

Consider us a disruptive party in a box machine... and we really want to change the way people party! We want encourage a culture of patronage centered around responsible alcohol consumption. We want to enable the 3 in 4 performing artists who get less than 1 gig every 2 month to be able to earn a respectable income by using our platform.